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CIPR 2018

CIPR 2018

CIPR 2018

CIPR is the first IT conference in Russia that provides a platform for an effective dialogue between representatives of industry and defense sector, IT professionals, and venture investors.

The CIPR’s business program focuses on issues related to parallel development in IT and industry — two sectors that largely determine the modern economy.

The CIPR’s content is deeply integrated into the current global agenda: application of Artificial intelligence techniques, advanced supercomputing and industrial robots, automation and intellectualization of technological processes, new opportunities that arise at the intersection of IT and industry. An important part of the business program is devoted to venture investment and import substitution.

Innopolis chosen as the venue for the conference — the first city built in Russia in the 21st century whose main function is to create a unique ecosystem to support the development of Russia’s IT and hi-tech sectors.

The CIPR’s satellite venues in Kazan will host events involving the participation of visionaries and global opinion leaders in the IT.

CIPR is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation. State corporation Rostec has become a Strategic Partner of the CIPR conference.

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