Яковлев и Партнеры

We appreciate success Quality of services provided is the keystone to our success. We achieve it by battling for our clients’ interests. Today’s success means victory in future!

We appreciate legal ethics While aiming to win the case in the interests of our client, we always keep in mind the established rules. Integrity is our asset. We are proud of our achievements, but we are even more proud of our impeccable reputation. Our work is not about corrupting the truth — it is about helping to find it. Some call it winning hard. We call it winning the right way. And we believe this is the only way!

We appreciate skills We are rightly proud of our negotiating skills. Not every matter needs to be brought to court. It is no secret that for some disputes, there is an opportunity for pre-trial settlement. Our specialists will assess the situation thoroughly, and if such an opportunity exists, they will offer the client the most efficient way to resolve the legal dispute.

We appreciate teamwork The work philosophy of our company is mutual assistance and support for each other. It is common for us to brainstorm among partners and junior lawyers and ask colleagues for advice, suggestions, and examples, regardless of the position they occupy. When we win, we realize that the victory belongs not only to those present in the courtroom.

We appreciate the company’s future We strive to further improve our image as professional, experienced, hard-working, aggressive and principled lawyers, to recruit the very best and talented, provide high-quality legal services at a reasonable price and, of course, win!