Яковлев и Партнеры

As the company evolves and we achieve new heights, we are increasingly aware of the social importance of our work, therefore we tend to place high demands on ourselves. The company’s lawyers, in particular, often provide legal services on a voluntary basis for individuals and organizations that do not pursue profit-making in their activities. The pro bono working hours are historically regarded as equal with paid hours within our company. In addition, Yakovlev & Partners ® lawyers provide legal advice to citizens free of charge using various media, including the Internet.

In addition to pro bono services, Yakovlev & Partners Law Group regularly provides financial assistance to the families of military and police employees killed in the performance of their duties, to children’s funds and orphanages, funds to fight serious illnesses, and also awards cash bonuses to students for their success in the development of the legal profession.

We are deeply convinced that the stronger our positions in the legal services market, the more attention we should pay to issues of social responsibility and benefit society.