Яковлев и Партнеры

Order placement. Appeal of administrative and court decisions.

Auctions, tenders, requests for proposals and other forms of procurement are processes that require competent interaction with state structures, and hence, qualified legal assistance.

Every year, issues related to the placement of orders and participation in procurement procedures are becoming increasingly important, as the number of subjects of procurement procedures is constantly growing both among customers and participants. At the same time, the implementation of the legal mechanism of procurement often causes difficulties for even for experienced practicing lawyers.

Lawyers and attorneys of Yakovlev & Partners have extensive experience in the placement of state, municipal and commercial orders. For many years, we have successfully represented the interests of clients in procurement, as well as with antimonopoly bodies and specialized bodies dealing with procurement complaints (for example, Arbitration Committees of Rosatom State Corporation) and in courts.

We provide a wide range of services at all stages of procurement:

At the stage of organization

  • drafting a procurement provision;
  • preparation of procurement documentation;
  • legal advice regarding the procedure for placing orders (which procurement procedures are used, selection of the procedure, the procedure for placing orders, selection of participants, determining the winner, possible grounds for appealing against the provisions of procurement documentation, for appealing against the actions of the customer, the appealing procedure).

At the stage of the procurement

  • legal analysis of procurement documentation for compliance with legislation and procurement regulations;
  • advice on the preparation of an application for participation in the procurement procedure (legal assistance in drawing up an application);
  • analysis of the protocols for the admission to participation in the procurement procedure, minutes of summing up the results for compliance with the requirements of the law, provisions on procurement, as well as the grounds for admission (denial of admission) of participants.

At the stage of appealing

  • appealing against the provisions of procurement documentation;
  • appealing against specific actions of the customer that resulted in the admission (denial of admission) of the participants in the placement of the order;
  • appealing against the actions of the customer with the antimonopoly authority, a special body for handling complaints (for example, the Central Arbitration Committee of State Corporation Rosatom), and in court;
  • appealing against the decisions of the antimonopoly body in court.

At the stage of conclusion of the contract:

  • legal advice on the procedure for concluding a contract, the possibility of making changes to the contract.

At the stage of execution of the contract:

  • legal advice on the execution of the contract;
  • handling complaints under the contract;
  • protection of interests in court in case of disputes.

Lawyers of Yakovlev & Partners Law Group represent interests of clients with the antimonopoly authority and in court in cases of violation of the competition law (cartel collusion at the auction).