Яковлев и Партнеры

Banks. Loans. Finance. Insurance

We provide a full range of services to credit organizations:

  • Support for the establishment of credit institutions and obtaining a license to conduct banking activities;
  • Support for merger and acquisition in the banking sector;
  • Support for acquisition of banks and other lending institutions;
  • Support for corporate procedures, including increasing the authorized capital, as well as repurchasing shares within a voluntary or mandatory offer;
  • Preparation of subordinated loan agreements;
  • Preparation of contractual documentation for credit institutions;
  • Representation of interests in debt recovery cases;
  • Representation of interests in debtors’ bankruptcy cases, including disputing transactions;
  • Advising on the application of antimonopoly legislation, including representation of interests in the antimonopoly authority and court;
  • Advising on the application of tax legislation, including representation of interests in the tax authority and the court;
  • Support for reorganization procedures in the financial sphere;
  • Support for the procedures for obtaining the prior consent of the Bank of Russia to purchase the bank’s shares (stakes);
  • Representing banks in courts.

Services in bankruptcy proceedings:

  • we represent the interests of the debtors, creditors, liquidators in bankruptcy proceedings of legal entities, including strategic enterprises, developers and credit organizations;
  • we represent the interests of the client in negotiations and facilitate the conclusion of a settlement agreement;
  • we identify and challenge disputable transactions of the debtor and collect damages from management bodies;
  • we support the procedures for bringing executives or owners of the debtor to the subsidiary liability;
  • provide legal support for the restructuring of troubled debts, pre-trial settlement of debts, representation of clients in negotiations with debtors;
  • we support the procedures of debt recovery in court and with enforcement proceedings;
  • we provide legal support for activities related to the sale of collateral;
  • we represent the interests of the creditor at the creditors’ meetings;
  • we challenge the results of bidding for the sale of the debtor’s property in court;
  • we advise on taxation of transactions in the bankruptcy proceedings;
  • We provide other services necessary to ensure the interests of the client, who is a debtor, a creditor, or a liquidator in the bankruptcy proceeding.
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from 2000 year