Яковлев и Партнеры

Corporate law. Mergers and acquisitions. Liquidation.

Corporate lawyers of Yakovlev & Partners® have extensive experience in advising on corporate law issues, creating legal entities of any organizational and legal form and are ready to solve the most difficult tasks, including mergers and acquisitions.

Cooperation with Yakovlev & Partners® will help you make the right choice in matters of creating, reorganizing or liquidating a legal entity. Our specialists will neutralize legal and financial risks at all stages of your organization’s activities.

We provide a wide range of services:

  • support of mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • due diligence
  • antimonopoly legislation / natural monopolies
  • corporate restructuring
  • corporate governance
  • securities
  • creation and support of businesses, including those with foreign investments
  • insolvency (bankruptcy)
  • resolution of corporate disputes

Comparative analysis of organizational and legal forms of legal entities, development of constituent documents, registration, legal support at the initial stage of the organization:

  • preparation of legal opinions on the results of a comparative analysis of organizational and legal forms of legal entities;
  • assistance in the selection of the organizational and legal form of the legal entity and the taxation system for the business;
  • development of constituent documents reflecting the interests of the founders and the specifics of the business being created;
  • support of the state registration procedure;
  • development of a starting package of mandatory local statutory acts of the organization;
  • development of necessary measures and actions for the legitimate functioning of business at the initial stage of activity.

Legal due diligence of legal entities and their assets:

  • comprehensive legal analysis of legal entities, business, assets, and liabilities
  • identification of legal risks
  • development of recommendations for minimizing / eliminating identified risks
  • development of recommendations for the protection of acquired property.

Support for mergers and acquisitions, including consulting, structuring of mergers and acquisitions (taking into account the peculiarities of the assets and the acquirer, as well as the tax consequences), development of a step-by-step plan for the implementation of transactions, negotiations with the client’s counterparties, preparation of necessary documents, obtaining the necessary approvals (in cases established by law), support for the conclusion and execution of transactions.

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