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Trade Secret. Non-disclosure Mode.

Business owners who care about the reputation and safety of their Company’s business understand how important it is to pay due attention to the protection of confidential information and do this before identifying unfavorable incidents.

As confirmed by judicial practice, the slightest non-compliance with the requirements for the protection of confidential information often makes it impossible to bring perpetrators to justice and recover damages.

Non-disclosure Mode is a complex of legal, organizational and technical measures applied by the Companies. It should be understood that only an integrated approach can provide protection. The necessary level of protection of confidential information cannot be guaranteed only by approving the Regulations on Commercial Secrets and once familiarizing employees and counterparties with a list of information constituting a trade secret. Provided competent implementation, compliance with the sequence of actions, requirements, precise definition of concepts and briefing, the Company receives a quality tool for managing and protecting information.

Yakovlev & Partners Law Group renders services to establish comprehensive Non-disclosure Mode in the company, which includes:

— introduction of a document management system based on the information protection mode (reasonable confidentiality measures), including the RIA (Result of Intellectual Activity) specifications, which should become the main accounting form and accompanying document for the company’s intangible assets;

— analysis and development of internal local acts regulating the legal protection mode for information constituting commercial secret and confidential information;

— analysis of legal relations with counterparties and the introduction of changes to the Agreements, with respect to the non-disclosure mode;

— a complex of organizational activities and briefings aimed at familiarizing employees of the enterprise, counterparties and other persons with the legal protection mode of the protected facilities at the enterprise, the mode for protecting the document circulation of the organization and other innovations related to the implementation of any kind of projects.

At the stage of preliminary investigation and in criminal trials, our lawyers provide a defense and represent the interests of other criminal proceedings participants (witnesses, victims, civil claimants and defendants).

The vast majority of criminal proceedings initiated against our clients were dismissed at the stage of preliminary investigation or in court.

Core services provided by the lawyers of Yakovlev & Partners Legal Group at the stage of initiation of criminal proceedings, in preliminary investigation and courts proceedings:

  • urgent round-the-clock visit, representing interests and protection of employees of our client’s company in emergency situations with direct interaction with law-enforcement agencies in the client’s office, at the scene of an incident, during detention, check-up, search, seizure, etc.;
  • Preparation of a strategy for the protection of client’s interests taking into account the possible prospects of criminal prosecution;
  • Legal defense and qualified legal assistance, representing the interests of participants in criminal proceedings at the stage of preliminary investigation (preparation of factual and legal narrative; participation in investigative procedure; appeal against procedural coercive measures, preparation of the required procedural documents, including claims, applications, motions, etc.);
  • Legal investigations in the client’s interests using the mechanisms provided by the procedural legislation (collection of required evidences by requesting documents and information, interrogating citizens with their consent, engaging experts, obtaining their opinions, etc.);
  • Obtaining expert opinions and conducting independent expert examinations on the issues requiring special knowledge of (criminology, trace evidence, forensic medicine, psychiatry, forensic audit, merchandising, ecology, machinery, etc.), assisting in the selection of experts and expert organizations, evaluation of study quality and expert examination results;
  • Taking actions aimed at requalifying crimes or resulting in refusal to initiate criminal proceedings and termination of criminal proceedings on the grounds provided in the Russian Federation Code of Criminal Procedure;
  • Training clients for participating in investigative procedure, taking into account circumstances of the case and available information, explaining to clients of their rights during the investigative procedure and measure of procedural compulsion;
  • Providing legal support to:
    • establish circumstances excluding the elements of the crime (justifiable defense, substantiated risk, absolute necessity, execution of an order, etc.);
    • identify facts of entrapment by workers of law-enforcement agencies;
    • procure information support of investigation.
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