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Representation of individuals

Lawyers and advocates of Yakovlev & Partners Law Group® have substantial practical experience and are ready to provide the necessary legal assistance to individuals in civil, family, labor, housing, administrative and criminal law.

Our specialists will:

  • render an oral (written) consultation, during which they will analyze the situation and documents presented, give a legal assessment and issue (draft) appropriate recommendations for its resolution;
  • prepare the necessary legal documents;
  • carry out due diligence of the submitted documents;
  • support the transactions carried out by individuals;
  • represent your interests in court.

In particular, with its many years of experience in advising on and resolving disputes in labor relations and migration legislation, Yakovlev & Partners Law Group is ready to provide the following services for citizens:

Labor law

  • Ensuring observance of employee’s rights by the employer when hiring and / or dismissing an employee, as well as within labor relations; • representation of the employee’s interests when the employer performs official inspections of the employee;
  • representation of the employee’s interests with Rostrud and other authorized bodies;
  • protection of the employee’s interests in court in labor disputes with the employer;
  • obtaining all necessary documents (work permits);
  • renewal / extension of work permits;
  • receipt of invitations for entry / visas for foreign citizens, extension of the validity of visas;
  • execution of permits for temporary stay / temporary residence;
  • support for procedures for registration of foreign citizens on the territory of Russia;

Migration Law

  • Obtaining all necessary documents (work permit, permit to hire and employ foreign workers) for work with the Russian employer, renewal / extension of work permits; • execution of invitations and visas for entry to Russia, extension of the validity of visas;
  • execution of temporary stay/temporary residence permits;
  • support for procedures for registration of foreign citizens on the territory of Russia;
  • advising on the observance by a foreign citizen of the rules of stay / residence in the territory of Russia;
  • protection of the interests of a foreign citizen with the migration authority and in court in cases on administrative responsibility;
  • challenging decisions and actions of state bodies and officials in case a foreign citizen being deported from Russia / not allowed to enter Russia.

Among other things, specialists of Yakovlev and Partners Law Group provide legal assistance in higher education:

  • support for readmission in the educational institution;
  • resolution of disputes related to violation of obligations under the contract on the provision of paid educational services, with the calculation and payment of scholarships;
  • contesting the refusal to pay scholarships to orphans, issuing disciplinary sanctions;
  • legal analysis of tripartite agreements for the provision of educational services;
  • challenging expulsion from the university.

Implemented projects in migration legislation:

  • appeal against the court decision to ban entry into Russia to a citizen of the Netherlands (former editor in chief of Moscow Times economic weekly ) on the grounds that she committed two or more administrative violations in Russia in three years. It was proved that the alleged offenses were not committed by the foreign citizen.
  • appeal against the decision of Rospotrebnadzor on the refusal of entry to Russia to a Ukrainian citizen who is married to a Russian citizen. The court took into account the unlawful family separation. The decision of Rospotrebnadzor was declared unlawful.

Projects in labor law:

  • Representing the interests of an illegally dismissed employee of the tax authority in court in a dispute on reinstating him in office. It was proved that the state body did not meet the requirements for dismissal when carrying out an internal audit and subsequent dismissal of the employee.
  • Advising a former military officer on the legality of his military discharge.
  • Representing the interests of a head of a municipal district in court in a dispute over the appeal of statutory act on the refusal of recall from office of the head of the municipal district. The contested act was recognized by the court as legitimate.
  • Representing the interests of a former head of a company in a dispute with the company regarding the obligation to remove information about the former head from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. After filing a lawsuit with the court, the company (defendant) voluntarily performed all necessary actions.
  • Representation of the interests of a head of a rural settlement in a dispute over the appeal of a decision of deputies on early termination of his powers. The appealed decision was recognized by the court as unlawful.
In the Legal Group "Yakovlev & Partners" -
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In the Legal Group "Yakovlev & Partners" -
from 1990 year
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