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Legal support and protection for business

Legal support for green field investment projects (green field investments):

  • Selecting the region in terms of the most favorable investment climate;
  • Analysis of local legislation and steps to minimize the future tax burden;
  • Legal due diligence of the status of the site chosen for placement of investment objects;
  • Preparation of draft investment contracts and memorandum of understanding with regional and local authorities;
  • Settlement of corporate issues (registration of a legal entity, preparation of corporate documents, recruitment of staff, etc.);
  • Legal support for the acquisition of the selected site (legal support for the transaction, participation in negotiating the terms of the site acquisition);
  • Participation in the preparation of pre-project documentation;
  • Registration of ownership of erected buildings or incomplete construction projects;
  • Advice on the import of equipment, also as a contribution to the authorized capital (legal support for customs duties and VAT exemptions);
  • Post-investment legal assistance (environmental protection, product certification, dispute resolution, insurance, tax issues, further legal support of the investor’s financial and economic activities, etc.);
  • Participation in the development of project documentation in compliance with the requirements of regional and local urban planning and land legislation;
  • Consultations during the construction phase.

Legal support for investments in existing facilities (brown field investments):

  • Legal due diligence of the legal status of the acquired assets in order to identify the risks associated with purchase of shares/stakes in a company, real property, including land, intellectual property rights (trademark, patent, etc.);
  • Legal due diligence of the possibility of changing the legal status of the existing asset in terms of further implementation of the investor’s intent;
  • Legal support for acquisition of the asset, including the preparation of draft contracts, representation of interests in state bodies;
  • Forecasting and analysis of commercial risks after the acquisition of the asset, development of measures to minimize risks, analysis and assessment of the tax consequences of the transaction;
  • Advice on choosing the model of contractual relationships between the client and its counterparties (joint activities, investment, project financing, franchising agreement);
  • Settlement of land legal relations (rent of municipal land and sublease from private companies);
  • Representing the investor’s interests in local self-government bodies for obtaining a building permit;
  • Obtaining all approvals and permits stipulated by the law with the architecture and town planning authorities, including warrants for excavations;
  • Representing the investor in federal, regional and local government bodies (Rostekhnadzor, Rospotrebnadzor, MES, etc.)
In the Legal Group "Yakovlev & Partners" -
from 1990 year
In the Legal Group "Yakovlev & Partners" -
from 1990 year
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