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Protection of competition

The operation of any successful company in the Russian Federation requires compliance with antitrust laws. When making major transactions, entering into partnership and distribution agreements, conducting promotional activities, it is necessary to comprehensively assess the existing antimonopoly restrictions and requirements established by the competition law.

Constant changes in the law, as well as tendencies of law enforcement practice, oblige persons engaged in entrepreneurial activity to strictly observe the standards of the antimonopoly laws. What tactics should an economic entity adopt in order to prevent restriction of competition? How can a company protect itself from penalties and threats to business reputation? How to defend your legal rights in legal dispute? Experts of Yakovlev & Partners Law Group know the answers to these and other questions arising in the process of business development.

Lawyers and attorneys of the company have accumulated extensive practical experience in the application of antimonopoly legislation rules and have the necessary knowledge and competence to represent your company’s interests with antimonopoly bodies or courts of any jurisdiction. High qualification of Yakovlev & Partners lawyers is confirmed by the company’s leading positions in the ratings in this branch of law and by letters of recommendation from our clients — the largest Russian businesses.

We are ready to share our practical experience and accumulated knowledge by organizing training workshops for your employees on the issues of antimonopoly legislation and its application.

If your company needs a legal analysis of transactions in terms of their compliance with the competition and advertising laws, our specialists will perform it with high quality and in the shortest possible time. We can also take on all the procedures for submission of applications and notifications to the FAS of Russia.

Lawyers of Yakovlev & Partners are ready to carry out the analysis of:

  • civil contracts for their compliance with the competition law;
  • economic activity of a legal entity and develop recommendations taking into account the requirements of the antimonopoly legislation (antimonopoly audit).

Our specialists will advise you on the following issues:

  • application of provisions on the prohibition of abuse of dominant position and the prohibition of agreements (cartel agreements, concerted actions) leading to restriction of competition;

  • legislation on advertising;

  • legislation on natural monopolies, application of rules for non-discriminatory access to services of natural monopolies;

  • analysis and assessment of the competitive environment in commodity markets.

    Lawyers of Yakovlev and Partners are ready to represent the interests of your company:

  • if the antimonopoly body has made a decision to conduct an audit for compliance with antimonopoly legislation;

  • if your counterparty violates the antitrust laws;

  • if the antimonopoly authorities have initiated a case on violation of the antimonopoly legislation in respect of your company;

  • if an administrative case has been instituted based on the results of the consideration of a notice of violation of the antimonopoly legislation, as well as administrative cases brought due to the failure to provide information at the request of antimonopoly bodies.

    If you are faced with such a complex issue as legal support for filing petitions and notices with the FAS of Russia, Yakovlev & Partners lawyers are ready:

  • to obtain approval from the antimonopoly authorities for transactions related to economic concentration (purchase of shares, stakes, property, rights with respect to Russian companies, approval of registration of companies, mergers and acquisitions), inter alia, in the financial services market;

  • to draft petitions and notices to the antimonopoly authorities for obtaining permission to carry out transactions.

One of the main activities of Yakovlev & Partners Law Group is the representation of clients in courts, including commercial courts in disputes with antitrust authorities.

Development of legal positions, representation of interests in commercial courts of the first, appellate, cassation instances, in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation:

  • to appeal the decisions and orders of the antimonopoly bodies made following the results of the consideration of cases on violation of the antimonopoly legislation;

  • to appeal the results of analysis of the state of competition in the commodity market;

  • to appeal against decisions to refuse approval of transactions;

  • to appeal against decisions to bring to administrative liability resulting from the consideration of cases on violation of the antimonopoly legislation, as well as on the results of the examination of cases initiated due to the failure to submit information at the request of the antimonopoly authority.

You want to keep abreast of the latest changes in the antimonopoly legislation and its application. Lawyers of Yakovlev & Partners Law Group monitor the changes in the antimonopoly legislation, as well as trends in law enforcement practice, in order to:

  • prepare reviews of changes in antimonopoly legislation and law enforcement practice of the antimonopoly authority and judicial practice;
  • organize training workshops on competition law and its application.