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Tax advising and legal support of tax disputes is one of the priority areas of Yakovlev & Partners Law Group. Lawyers and attorneys specializing in this area provide a full range of services and have considerable practical experience in advising on tax issues (including appealing against decisions of tax authorities in administrative and judicial procedures), possess the necessary knowledge for legal support of transactions and their analysis in terms of compliance with the Russian tax legislation and law enforcement practice.

Our tax lawyers also advise on the issues of application of currency and customs legislation.

According to the results of Pravo.Ru-300 rating, tax lawyers and attorneys of Yakovlev & Partners Law Group have been among the leading experts in the country in this branch of law for several years.

Do you need tax advice on issues related to calculating and paying taxes, or the application of currency and customs legislation?

The lawyers of the company provide legal support of investment projects in various sectors of the economy, mergers and acquisitions, and evaluate tax implications of transactions and investment projects.

Specialists of Yakovlev & Partners provide tax advice on financial and economic activities carried out in the Russian Federation by representative offices of foreign companies and Russian companies with 100% foreign capital.

Our experts will also take part in a comprehensive analysis of transactions, different legal organizational structures of financial and economic relations between the legal (natural) persons to identify tax risks and develop recommendations for their reduction or elimination.

Advising on the application of legislation on controlled foreign companies, double taxation agreements.

Advising individuals, tax residents and non-residents of the Russian Federation on the calculation and payment of personal income tax, property tax related to controlled foreign companies, preparation of notices of participation in foreign organizations, preparation of notices of controlled foreign companies.

Advising individuals on issues related to controlled foreign companies, preparing notices of participation in foreign organizations, preparing notices of controlled foreign companies.

Advising individuals on the application of foreign exchange legislation.

Do you need to protect the interests of legal entities and individuals in the judicial and administrative procedures?

Services to represent clients in tax disputes include:

  • legal support for the taxpayer during the desk and on-site tax inspections, as well as reclamation of the documents by the tax authorities within the counter checks, escorting individuals during interrogations (surveys, interviews) by tax officials;
  • legal assistance and escort of individuals when drafting protocols on administrative offenses;
  • development of a strategy to protect the interests of the taxpayer;
  • preparation of objections to the inspection certificate, participation in the review of the audit materials by the management of tax authorities;
  • appealing in the interests of the taxpayer against the decisions of the tax authorities to bring the taxpayer to tax liability, the actions (omission) of tax authorities in the administrative manner (preparation of complaints to higher tax authorities);
  • preparation of applications for challenging actions / decisions of tax authorities in court, including injunction motions; assistance to the taxpayer in collecting evidentiary basis for the dispute;
  • representation of clients’ interests in tax disputes in commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction in all judicial instances, as well as at the stage of enforcement proceedings;
  • appealing against the decisions of tax authorities on bringing banks to tax liability for the failure to perform the functions of a paying agent (violation of the procedure for writing off funds, violation of the procedure for opening accounts, failure to comply with tax authorities’ decisions to suspend operations on accounts, violation of the deadline for fulfillment (non-fulfillment) of the order for transfer of tax, failure to provide statements (certificates) of customer accounts as required by tax authorities)

Do you need legal support and protection of the interests of taxpayers with law enforcement bodies and court in inquiry and criminal cases?

Attorneys of Yakovlev & Partners Law Group will:

  • provide qualified legal support for taxpayers, their managers and employees at all stages of criminal proceedings and provide the necessary legal assistance;
  • render legal assistance to legal entities, managers, employees in the conduct of operational activities, tax inspections with the participation of law enforcement bodies, inter alia, will take part in investigative activities, conduct an analysis and legal assessment of risks and actual circumstances in the event of criminal proceedings.
In the Legal Group "Yakovlev & Partners" -
from 1990 year
In the Legal Group "Yakovlev & Partners" -
from 1990 year
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