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Information technologies is one of the most promising business areas. Its creation and development is associated with certain legal risks, which can be neutralized through cooperation with Yakovlev & Partners®.

Every year, digital technologies are strengthening their positions, and our lives become more connected with the Internet space. The state seeks to regulate relations in this sphere as much as possible, which means that the management of such business is complicated by constant changes in legislation. Our specialists are always ready to perform a timely analysis of these changes and provide appropriate recommendations for your business.

Using their accumulated experience, our specialists provide the following range of services:

  • development of the legal structure of the project (due diligence);
  • development of contracts for the formalization of relations with developers/contractors;
  • development of a legal position and registration of works for hire mode, in order to prevent the risks of disputes over the results of intellectual activity;
  • development of necessary offers and user agreements;
  • enabling a non-disclosure mode;
  • registration of rights on the results of intellectual activity.
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