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Electric power industry occupies an important place in the Russian economy and represents the sphere of relations in the production, transportation, and consumption of energy. Companies in this market segment must strictly observe the legislation on electric power industry, which is a complex symbiosis of general and special civil law rules, antimonopoly legislation, rules of tariff regulation, and technical requirements. It is the strict following the letter of the law that will help prevent litigation and all sorts of risks.

Lawyers of Yakovlev & Partners specializing in this industry have considerable practical experience in working with energy companies and advising on issues related to the application of energy legislation, they possess the necessary knowledge for legal support of transactions and disputes in this industry.

Our specialists are ready to provide the necessary legal assistance if:

  • support for construction and reconstruction of energy facilities and infrastructure / technological connection of power grid facilities / power redistribution procedures is required;
  • disputes have arisen between the subjects of electric and heat power engineering;
  • it is necessary to carry out contractual work in the field of electric and heat power engineering;
  • it is necessary to protect interests within electric power industry laws;
  • qualified assistance in matters of tariff regulation is required.

Among the clients of Yakovlev & Partners Law Group are such companies as Ural Heat Network Company; Nizhnovenergo, IES-Holding, Rusenergosbyt, Rusenergoresurs, St. Petersburg Sales Company, Sovex, and others.

Throughout the course of the practice, our specialists have:

  • Represented the interests of a heat supply organization in a lawsuit by a heat distribution company to recover the cost of services for the transfer of thermal energy.
  • Prepared a legal opinion on the issues related to the technological connection of power receiving devices of the consumer of electric energy, taking into account the legal nature of the technological connection agreement and the possibility of unilateral prolongation of the due date for the fulfillment of the Technical Conditions by the applicant.
  • Represented the interests of a electric power distribution organization in a lawsuit by an electric sales organization for the recovery of unjust enrichment in the amount of the value of excess losses.
  • Represented the interests of a holder of natural monopoly in lawsuits for challenging tariffs and for compensation of losses caused by tariff regulation.
  • Represented the interests of energy-generating and grid companies in recovering debts from consumers for supplied energy, as well as representing interests in the enforcement proceedings and in the bankruptcy proceedings of debtor organizations.
  • Represented the interests of a consumer in a dispute with a heat supply organization for damages in connection with the non-contractual consumption of thermal energy and heat-transfer fluid.
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