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Real estate. Land. Construction

Legal services in land law and real estate are one of the priority areas for Yakovlev & Partners Law Group. Years of experience enable our specialists to use unique corporate legal support techniques in the areas of land relations, real estate, and construction, to find non-standard methods and effective solutions for achieving the set goals.

According to the ratings of Russian law firms, land law and real estate practice of Yakovlev & Partners has strong positions among the industry leaders in Russia.

Do you need to settle disputes in land relations, construction, or real estate?

Lawyers and attorneys of Yakovlev & Partners will protect your rights:

  • assist in carrying out procedures for pre-trial settlement of conflicts;
  • provide services for the protection of property rights and other real estate rights;
  • assist in establishing the objective cadastral value of land plots;
  • provide judicial protection in the lease, contract, and land disputes, as well as in real estate and construction disputes with government bodies;
  • provide legal support in disputes for the recovery of insurance compensation in respect of real estate objects.

Do you need to make sure of the legality of transactions with real estate or with the rights to implement an investment project?

Specialists of Yakovlev and Partners will carry out due diligence:

  • analyze the grounds for the emergence and proper registration of rights to acquired real estate, assess their negotiability and legality of previous transactions with them, determine the presence or absence of possible risks for the client and the relevance of such risks, as well as the possibility of overcoming or minimizing them;
  • determine the compliance of investment projects with the laws of the Russian Federation, as well as the existence and legality of claim rights for real estate objects arising during the implementation of investment projects.

Are you implementing a construction investment project?

Lawyers of Yakovlev & Partners will provide:

  • complex legal support for the activities of developers, development companies, investors, including the development of schemes for the implementation of projects for obtaining rights to real estate, investment contracts, contracts for construction and provision of technical coordinator services, and other similar documents;
  • legal support for the activities of the general contractor under the construction contract (preparation of draft construction contracts, settlement of relationships between the parties, preparation of legal opinions on issues arising during construction);
  • support of registration of real estate rights.

Are you planning to make a real estate transaction?

Lawyers of Yakovlev & Partners will:

  • provide legal support and structuring of real estate transactions (lease, purchase and sale, mortgage, shared construction projects, etc.);
  • develop optimal conditions for financing such transactions;
  • propose ways to optimize the risks of the client when executing such transactions

Do you have an unusual question?

Lawyers of Yakovlev & Partners will provide legal support for:

  • the interests of the client at the initiation of the procedure for the seizure of land plots, real estate objects;
  • privatization procedures, other cases of granting state and municipally owned land plots;
  • territorial planning, zoning of territories, public procedures;
  • procedures for changing the category and type of permitted use of land plots;
  • turnover of agricultural land and forest fund sites, taking into account the specifics and limitations established by the current legislation.
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